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Robert Price Beyond Born Again Intro Html

Beyond Born Again

Introduction To The HTML Version

Robby Berry

History Of The HTML Version

I first heard of Robert M. Price’s Beyond Born Again back in May ’95, when Ed Babinski sent me a copy as part of a package of freethought literature that he wanted me to have. Ed is an outspoken critic of Christianity, so I was surpised to see him include a book written by a Christian, and even more surprised to see him recommend it so highly.

But after reading through the book, I wasn’t so surprised. Beyond Born Again was perceptive, witty, scholarly and personal all at the same time. His criticisms of Evangelical apologetics are as good as (and often better than) anything written by the atheist community, and his sense of logic is equally matched by his sense of humor. In short, the book was simply delightful to read. The more I read Beyond Born Again, the more I was convinced we had to have this book on the Web. A discussion with some of the other Internet Infidels who had read Beyond Born Again revealed that I was not alone in my thinking. We decided to contact Price to see if he would grant permission to publish Beyond Born Again on the Web.

With the assistance of Ed Babinski, I was able to get in touch with Price. He was enthusiastic about the possibility of getting it online, and graciously agreed to allow us to put it on the Web, free of charge. I began looking around for volunteers to assist in the transcription process, and eventually enlisted the aid of ZoAnn Lapinsky, Doug Linder, Jim Lippard, and Natalie Overstreet, all of whom spent many a long night typing until their hands ached in order to bring Beyond Born Again to the Web community.

Technical Notes

Often, when books are converted to HTML format, the page numbers are lost in the transcription process, making it impossible to refer to a specific page in the online version. Not so with the HTML version of Beyond Born Again. There are tags embedded within the HTML that allow you to refer to individual pages of the book. The only catch is that you have to know which chapter the page was originally in. Suppose, for example, you wished to refer to page 94, in order to point to the section “A Christmas Fable”. First, you need to know that page 94 is in chapter 7. Then, to set up the link to that page, you would use the following URL:


To link to a page in another chapter, replace “chap7” with “chapX”, where X is the number of the chapter to link to. To link to pages in the Introduction, Footnote Reference, or Appendix, replace “chap7” with “intro”, “footnote”, or “appendix” respectively. The Contents, the Notes, and the Introduction to the HTML Version do not have embedded page numbers.


First and foremost, I would like to thank Robert M. Price for writing such a wonderful book, and for permitting us to make it available on the World Wide Web; Ed Babinski for sending me a copy of Beyond Born Again, and for helping me get in touch with Price; and ZoAnn Lapinsky, Doug Linder, Jim Lippard and Natalie Overstreet for their efforts in transcribing Beyond Born Again.

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"Beyond Born Again: Towards Evangelical Maturity" is copyright © 1993 by Robert M. Price. All rights reserved.

The electronic version is copyright © 1997 by Internet Infidels with the written permission of Robert M. Price.

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