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Robby Berry

Robby Berry

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The Fivefold Challenge (1995)

Berry challenges fundamentalist Christians to provide one piece of documentary evidence which supports any of 5 alleged miracles.

How I Became An Ex-Christian

Robby Berry was a gung-ho charismatic fundamentalist until he ran up against some arguments that he couldn't counter.

A Response To "The Skeptic's Prayer"

"The Skeptic's Prayer" is a tract taken from the Handbook Of Christian Apologetics, by Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli. Perhaps someday, real scientists will devise an experiment capable of detecting God and settling this issue once and for all. But the Skeptic's Prayer isn't it.

Why Come Out As An Atheist?

"The American public (and pretty much everyone else, for that matter) has a long way to go, but there has nonetheless been a great deal of progress for atheists. There was a time when coming out of the closet meant social and financial ruin, and shortly before that there was a time when coming out meant being executed. We have an incredible amount of freedom compared to atheists of the past, and I think we owe it to their memory to take advantage of it."

Life In Our Anti-Christian America

During a recent exchange of flames and frivolity on a local Usenet group, a newsgroup available only to students of Ohio State University, somebody made the observation that America was an "anti-Christian" society. As an Atheist, I am well aware of the extent to which religion, especially Christianity, permeates our society. As a result, I found this claim difficult to believe. As I was in a playful mood at the time, I decided to debunk his claim in a somewhat roundabout manner.

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Why Come Out As An Atheist?

Prologue This essay originated as a post to the Ex-Tian mailing list, a mailing for ex-Christians. A common question among ex-Christians who become atheists is whether or not to “come out” as atheists, or to pretend to be a Christian when around friends and family. This essay is my answer to that question. Should ex-Christians […]