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Robert Price Beyond Born Again Notes

Beyond Born Again


[Editor’s Note: These notes are taken from the cover pages and the back cover of the printed version of Beyond Born Again.]

About The Author:

Robert M. Price is pastor of the First Baptist Church of Montclair, New Jersey, having previously served as Professor of Religion at Mount Olive College. He has attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Drew University. He has earned the MTS in New Testament and the PhD in Systematic Theology and is presently a PhD candidate in New Testament.

His articles have appeared in The Christian Century, The Reformed Journal, The Journal for the Study of the New Testament, The Journal of Ecumenical Studies, Religious Studies, The Evangelical Quarterly, Christian Scholars Review, The Journal of Psychology and Theology, and many others. He has also been a contributing editor of The Wittenburg Door.

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This book is gratefully dedicated to Ed Babinski, a long-time friend who was determined to see this thing published!

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Beyond Born Again & Robert M. Price

"Robert M. Price is a gadfly on the evangelical rump. Whether he is right or wrong (and he is seldom wrong), I find that he always forces me to think and rethink. To me personally, Bob is a great sparring partner, a forceful critic, and a good friend. He is so deeply perceptive that it can be painful as well as ultimately beneficial to be the target of his searching gaze. Born out of personal experience, his critique of evangelical religion is absolutely authentic, and because he is so brilliant and so widely read, it is penetrating and compelling as well. Besides, this book is just plain interesting and fun to read and will (I hope) help to spur evangelical theology to higher levels of maturity. Even though many of his criticisms really hurt, I take him at his word at the close of the book, that he positively desires evangelicals to avoid foolish mistakes and to grow up. I can only say ‘Amen!’ to that! Enjoy the book!" –Clark H. Pinnock, Professor of Theology at McMaster Divinity College, and author of The Scripture Principle, Biblical Revelation, Set Forth Your Case, Reason Enough, Sheer Christianity, and many others.

"Robert M. Price’s book Beyond Born Again is an enlightened, mature presentation of an evangelical alternative in which life after the born again experience is freed from immature hard-line perspectives such as elitist exclusivism, self-contradictory versions of biblical authority and manipulative apologetics." –Dewey M. Beegle, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Wesley Theological Seminary, and author of The Inspiration of Scripture, God’s Word into English, and many others.

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