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Robert Price Beyond Born Again

Beyond Born Again: Towards Evangelical Maturity (1993)

Robert M. Price


Introduction: Testimony Time

Price provides a brief overview of his background in the Evangelical Christian scene, as well as an overview of his book’s contents.

Introduction To The HTML Version (by Robby Berry)

Robby Berry explains the history of the HTML version of Beyond Born Again, as well as the conventions employed therein.


Section I– The Born Again Experience: A Brave New World?

Chapter 1: A Might Fortress is Our Mentality

Chapter 2: The Evangelical Subculture

Chapter 3: Devil’s Advocates

Chapter 4: The Personal Savior

Section II– The Evangelical Apologists: Are They Reliable?

Chapter 5: Evidence That Demands a Mistrial

Chapter 6: Guarding an Empty Tomb

Chapter 7: A False Trilemma

Section III– Can Evangelical Theology Be Born Again?

Chapter 8: Biblical Ventriloquism

Chapter 9: Theological Rhetoric

Chapter 10: Toward Evangelical Maturity

Footnote References

Appendix– Getting a New Start


See Also:

Do the Resurrection Accounts Hopelessly Contradict One Another? (1997) by Glenn Miller (Off Site)

Miller argues that the N.T. resurrection accounts do not hopelessly contradict one another. This is relevant to Beyond Born Again, insofar as Price argues just the opposite.

Grasping At Greasy Straws (n.d.) by Robert Turkel (Off Site)

Turkel’s review of Beyond Born Again. Turkel challenges Price on five main points: time needed to build legends, the alleged secrecy of Jesus, Sabbatai Sevi and other messianic pretenders, the reliability of eyewitness testimony, and the reliability of oral transmission.

How Does the Memory Research of Elizabeth Loftus on Eyewitness Testimony Affect the Credibility of NT Documents? (1997) by Glenn Miller (Off Site)

Miller concludes that most of the material in Loftus’s book are “simply inapplicable to the NT situation.” Moreover, for the few items that do or might apply to the NT, they support its reliability for accuracy. This is relevant to Beyond Born Again, insofar as Price argues in chapter five, using Loftus as one of his sources, that "Studies have shown that eyewitness testimony is often remarkably unreliable, most especially when it is testimony of a surprising and remarkable event."

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