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Internet Infidels Content Disclaimer

The Secular Web, maintained by the Internet Infidels, is a virtual, electronic library. Furthermore, the Secular Web is affiliated with, and is part of, the much larger Virtual Library, which has been assembled by the World Wide Web Consortium.

As the virtual librarian of a virtual library, the Internet Infidels organization exercises its sole discretion in determining to include whatever materials happen to strike the fancy of its officers or members; stimulate the thoughts of, or enliven discussions among themselves; or which otherwise informs the public about issues which the Internet Infidels organization deems to be important. Frequently, the materials included on the Secular Web will represent more than one side of any given issue.

Accordingly, statements made within any documents or any other materials in any of these libraries or anywhere else on the servers used to support the Internet Infidels organization do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Internet Infidels organization, any organization with which the Internet Infidels may be affiliated, any officers, directors, or members of any such organization(s), including the Internet Infidels, or anyone else at all, other than the author of the material in question. The Internet Infidels organization provides only the electronic medium for transferring information, with the explicit understanding that each user will independently evaluate it and carefully make up his or her own mind as to its factual and/or conceptual accuracy and its usefulness in any context whatsoever.

For the following reasons, among many reasons, the Internet Infidels organization treats all of the information in any of these electronic research libraries, electronic mailing lists, e-mail boxes, etc. as only allegations, opinions, fictional materials, or theoretical research discussions and makes absolutely no claims whatsoever for the factual or conceptual accuracy of any information, statement, document or other material of any nature whatsoever which is contained in any of the electronic libraries or other services which exist on the Secular Web or elsewhere on any server which is or might be under the control of the Internet Infidels.

Independent individuals, organizations, or authors contributing to the documents, discussions, or other materials which are part of the Secular Web, or of other portions of the Secular Web server which might be under the control of the Internet Infidels organization, may well be exercising any or all of their constitutional rights of petition, free speech, participation in government, or freedom of religion when they engage in researching, evaluating and freely discussing any matter whatsoever. Thus, any or all of these documents, discussions, statements, or other materials may be constitutionally protected opinions, allegations, satire, fiction, religious beliefs or religious opinions of these independent individuals, organizations, or authors and, as such, may or may not be factual, accurate, or correct in any manner whatsoever. Finally, much of the material on the Secular Web has been electronically scanned and/or mechanically translated. Even using the newest technologies, errors occur naturally during this process, and human attempts at correction are bound to fail occasionally.

Some of the information contained on the servers used by the Internet Infidels organization may be fictional works, “works in progress,” or archival materials included on these servers, in the library, or in archives only to preserve their possible historical or bibliographical value. In many cases, even the author or contributor makes no claims as to the document’s factual or conceptual accuracy.

Because of the preceding, neither the Internet Infidels organization, nor any officer, director, or member thereof, nor any affiliated organization(s) or other entities, nor any of the information providers offer any warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the performance of the Internet Infidels‘ information network nor the completeness or accuracy of any information or other materials which might be available through the Internet Infidels organization or through any of the electronic services which may be managed by the Internet Infidels organization.

The Internet Infidels organization makes every effort to comply with applicable copyright and other intellectual property rights laws, as well as to avoid the publication of libelous, slanderous, or otherwise legally objectionable materials. Any actual or suspected violations of the legal rights of any person or entity should be promptly reported by sending a notification to the Internet Infidels. However, the Internet Infidels organization cannot in any way warrant that any materials under the control of the Internet Infidels organization are totally free from legal objections or liability of any sort, and thus the Internet Infidels organization specifically disclaims any and all warranties of lack of any and all such possible violations with respect to any and all such materials.

Thus, all information or other materials which might be obtained through any facility or service which might be under the control of the Internet Infidels is provided to all users of any such information or materials on a strictly “as is” basis, and any and all uses of any such information or materials for any purpose whatsoever is at the user’s sole risk.