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Our standard rates and conditions for graphical banner ads:

The entire Secular Web is typically visited by around 26,000 unique visitors per month.

Most (but not all) pages on infidels.org carry the banner ads. The IIDB forums also display the banner ads. Three different banner ads are displayed on any one page at any given time. These are randomly selected on a page-by-page basis.

You supply the ad graphic and the URL to which it will link. Internet Infidels can recommend some graphic designers to produce a banner ad for you at cost if you do not know how to create one yourself. But let me know what sort of design you would like so I can confirm that the designers are able to make an ad to your own specifications.

Our banner ad specifications are as follows:

Graphic dimensions: exactly 150 x 67 pixels
Maximum file size: 25K
Graphic format: GIF
Frames: 15 or fewer

Banner ad rates are as follows:

$49 for the 1st month, $29 for each month thereafter.
$258 for 12 months paid in advance.
$169 for 6 months paid in advance.

$25 administrative charge for any change to an ad already up (after a 1-week grace period from the time of purchase).

You should not make payment before Internet Infidels has decided whether or not to approve running your banner ad. Please contact us to get the process started.

Payment may be made through PayPal, or via mail addressed to:

Internet Infidels, Inc.
Secular Web Banners
711 S. Carson St., Suite 4
Carson City, NV 89701

When ordering, please indicate:

1) your current email address and contact information,
2) the site location and length of term you would like for your advertisement, and
3) the URL where the banner will be directed