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Book Reviews

A Review of Robert Wright’s The Evolution of God

"Today we desperately need a new God—a God that is not an insult to our intelligence—a God that is as great as the endless cosmos. We need a just God that does not have chosen galaxies and a preferred life form—a life form that is told to slaughter other life forms. We desperately need a God that commands that we think, instead of believe and worship. We need a God to civilize us, not one that makes us savages." Robert Wright has made that effort."

A Review of Hugh Ross’ More Than a Theory

"This is a review of More Than a Theory by Dr. Hugh Ross. Ross' goal in writing this book is to present a 'testable creation model.' My goal in writing this response is to challenge the arguments he makes and point out potential and/or actual problems with it. Although it would be impossible for me to point out all problems I see in his book, I think it would be pertinent to the evolution/creation debate to point out the most serious problems."

Review of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion

The God Delusion is a witty, razor-sharp attack on religious belief of all varieties. Dawkins pulls no punches and does not hesitate to heap scorn on foolish beliefs. Atheists will cheer it; believers will probably be appalled and bypass it, which is unfortunate, since this book presents a great deal of legitimately new and interesting information, and closes with a passionate and powerful defense of atheism that should be heard by all.

Review of Massimo Pigliucci’s Denying Evolution

"Denying Evolution is about a cultural war that is currently being fought between conservative and progressive worldviews, but this book is not apologetic. It describes the limitations of science as a philosophy and a human endeavor, yet continually stresses that science is a process that has contributed to the quality of life that our society enjoys today. Denying Evolution is an honest, insightful critique about science, its limitations, and the perpetrators of the creation-evolution debate. The book clearly outlines the strategies and motivation of those who seek to destroy science."