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Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson, a native of Western New York, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the State University of New York, College at Fredonia, and his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Dr. Anderson is the founder and President of Skeptics of Las Vegas. Dr. Anderson has been a science educator in the Clark County School District for eleven years. While in the classroom, Dr. Anderson has been honored with several awards, such as the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, Nevada Semifinalist.

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Kiosk Article

Review of Massimo Pigliucci’s Denying Evolution

"Denying Evolution is about a cultural war that is currently being fought between conservative and progressive worldviews, but this book is not apologetic. It describes the limitations of science as a philosophy and a human endeavor, yet continually stresses that science is a process that has contributed to the quality of life that our society enjoys today. Denying Evolution is an honest, insightful critique about science, its limitations, and the perpetrators of the creation-evolution debate. The book clearly outlines the strategies and motivation of those who seek to destroy science."