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Nick Covington

Nick Covington is an atheist with interests ranging from Biology to Philosophy. He currently writes for a blog entitled Answers in Genesis BUSTED! He is the author of the book Atheism and Naturalism.

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Kiosk Article

A Review of Hugh Ross’ More Than a Theory

"This is a review of More Than a Theory by Dr. Hugh Ross. Ross' goal in writing this book is to present a 'testable creation model.' My goal in writing this response is to challenge the arguments he makes and point out potential and/or actual problems with it. Although it would be impossible for me to point out all problems I see in his book, I think it would be pertinent to the evolution/creation debate to point out the most serious problems."

Was Jesus Raised from the Dead? A Response to William Lane Craig’s Resurrection Argument

"The only way that Craig can criticize the account I have given is by arguing that his theory, that Jesus was raised from the dead, is to be preferred because it is simpler than proposing a theory to account for the empty tomb and proposing an independent theory to account for the post-mortem appearances of Jesus. The 'simplicity' of Craig's theory is only skin deep. My account of Craig's 'four facts' involves well-known and well-documented cultural phenomena, whereas his account proposes a God which intervenes in human affairs, for which I have yet to see any convincing evidence."

Ten Falsehoods and Misconceptions Peddled by “Answers in Genesis”

"Answers in Genesis" (AiG) is an apologetics (i.e., Christianity-defending) ministry which focuses on providing answers to questions surrounding the biblical book of Genesis, and on exposing the alleged "bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas." "AiG teaches that 'facts' don't speak for themselves, but must be interpreted." But, as Nick Covington demonstrates, AiG gets it wrong.