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From time to time, The Secular Web receives an interesting and well-written essay by a nontheist detailing how s/he became an atheist, agnostic, rationalist, and/or freethinker. These essays are often of interest to others who are challenging their own ideas, the dominant beliefs within their society, or who are simply curious to read the experiences of others. It is quite common for nontheists to be asked how they happened to reach the particular worldview to which they subscribe. By building a home for selected testimonial essays on the Secular Web we hope to promote a feeling of community among our readers, and also to offer visitors an opportunity to explore and share their own experiences. Notable historical testimonies have also been included.


And It Came To Pass (2001) by Eric Tallberg

Confessions of an Evangelical Atheist (2008) by Amanda Avellone

Excerpts From Losing Faith In Faith: From Preacher To Atheist (1992) by (Off Site) Dan Barker

From Believer to Atheist (2000) by Mark Vuletic

From Fundamentalist to Freethinker: It All Began with Santa (2007) by Raymond D. Bradley

From Fundamentalist to Humanist (1997) by Robert M. Price

From Missionary Bible Translator to Agnostic (2003) by Ken Daniels

How I Became an Ex-Christian (n.d.) by Robby Berry

How I Walked Away (2000) by Ken Nahigian

If It Wasn’t For Agnosticism I Wouldn’t Know What to Believe (1995) (Off Site) by Ed Babinski

A Long Day’s Journey Into Light (n.d.) (Off Site) by Farrell Till

My Post-Christian Testimony (2001) by Ian J. Carr

My Story (1995) by Clark Davis Adams

Why I’m Agnostic (2001) by B. Steven Matthies

Why I Am No Longer a Christian (2003) by Kendall Hobbs

Why I Left The Ministry And Became An Atheist (1959) by ex-Methodist minister Vincent Runyon

Why I Quit Going To Church (1924) by Rupert Hughes


Confessions of a Former Mystic (2001) by Edward Tabash

Confessions of an Australian Atheist (2000) by Kim Walker

From Taoist to Infidel (2001) by Richard Carrier

Why I Am Agnostic (1896) by Robert Green Ingersoll

Why I Left the Mormon Church (1998) by Richard Packham

Why I Am Not a Christian (1929) by Bertrand Russell

Why I Am Not a Hindu (1993) by Ramendra Nath