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Richard Packham

Richard Packham

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Critique of John Warwick Montgomery's "Legal Evidences For Christianity" (1998)

Montgomery asserts that Christianity's claims survive examination using the legal tests for evidence. He does this only by misstating and twisting the rules of evidence and the facts.

First of All, Let's Laugh at All the Lawyers (Or, Cheap Legal Thrills at the Expense of Justice) (n.d.) (Off Site) by James Patrick Holding

Holding criticizes Packham's argument in the above essay.

Response to "Packham Refuted" (2001) (Off Site) by Richard Packham

Packham responds to Holding's critique, above.

How Not to Critique Legal Apologetics: A Lesson from a Skeptic's Internet Web Page Objections (2002) by Boyd Pehrson (Off Site)

This is a response to Packham's essay, above, posted on John Warwick Montgomery's The Global Journal of CLASSical Theology web site. (Off Site)

Response to Pehrson (2003) (Off Site) by Richard Packham

Packham responds to Pehrson's critique, above.

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Editor's Introduction (n.d.) by John Warwick Montgomery (Off Site)

According to Montgomery, Pehrson's article does "not warrant the treatment to which Packham has subjected it."


Joseph Smith as a Prophet (1998)

Joseph Smith fails to pass the test of a true prophet, even by his own standards or those of his followers.

The Man with No Heart: Miracles and Evidence (1998)

What would it really take to justify belief that a miracle has happened?

To Those Who Are Investigating "Mormonism" (Off Site)

Here is a summary of important facts about the Mormon church and its history that the missionaries will probably not tell you. You should be aware of these facts before you commit yourself."

Why I Left the Mormon Church (1998)

Richard Packham relates the story of his insider's experience with the Mormon church and his change of faith.

The Man Who Bought A House (1995) (Off Site)

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