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Argument from Holy Scripture: Mormon Scripture

Book of Abraham [ Index ]

In 1835, Joseph Smith acquired a collection of papyrus fragments from a traveling Egyptian show. He claimed to be able to translate these fragments, and the Book of Abraham is the result. The articles selected here confront the origins and “divine” nature of this text.

Book of Mormon [ Index ]

To the followers of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon is proof of his prophetic office; to the skeptic, the Book of Mormon is an interesting example of quaint and pretentious fiction. This selection of articles expose the Book’s errors, contradictions, and evidence of its human origins.

Joseph Smith [ Index ]

Selected articles treating the background and prophethood of the founder of the LDS.

The Bible in the Book of Mormon (1999) by Curt van den Heuvel

“The Book of Mormon was written by someone who either had a KJV Bible in front of him, or was intimately familiar with its contents. When we add to this phenomenon other Book of Mormon problems, such as the lack of any historical, archaeological or linguistic confirmation, the large number of anachronistic terms and items referenced in the book, and its mirroring of the issues and problems of the nineteenth century Protestant Church, and we come to the inescapable conclusion that the Book of Mormon originated in the early nineteenth century.”

The Book of Abraham Papyri and Joseph Smith (1998) (Off Site) by Matthew J. Slick

Proof that Joseph Smith was a “false prophet” from the pro-Protestant website of  Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM). Good summary of the evidence, despite CARM’s “pot” calling the Mormon “kettle” black.

The Book of Mormon and the King James Version (1999) by Curt van den Heuvel

“It is very evident that the Book of Mormon owes much to the King James Version. Since this particular version of the Bible was not translated until 1611, it means that the Book of Mormon cannot be an ancient work as Joseph Smith claimed.”

Book of Mormon Research Page (Off Site) by Curt van den Heuvel

Information on the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints from an agnostic point of view.

The Changes in the Book of Mormon (Off Site) by “Dr. Shade”

Excellent (though not yet complete) analysis of the changes between the 1830 and 1981 editions of this “divinely inspired” text, including a red-lined comparison of the two editions. From “Dr. Shades’ Mormonism Page.”

Solomon Spalding-Book of Mormon Parallels (Off Site) by “Dr. Shade”

Some evidence supporting the “Spalding-Rigdon theory,” which in 1834 purported that a man named Solomon Spalding was the real (and unwitting) originator of the Book of Mormon (this is in contrast to some LDS apologists who claim that the author simply invented the theory).  From the website of ex-Mormon “Dr. Shade.”

Some of the Many Changes in the Book of Mormon (1998) (Off Site) by  Matthew J. Slick

An overview of some of the over 4,000 emendations that have been made to the Book of Mormon since it was “revealed” in 1830, contradicting Joseph Smith’s claim that it was “the most correct of any book on earth” and translated accurately by God.  Brought to you by the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, a Protestant website that defines Mormonism as a “cult.”

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