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Book of Abraham

Book of Abraham Skinny (1997) by rpcman (Off Site)

Unanswerable questions on the Book of Abraham that Mormon apologists ignore.

Book of Abraham Facsimiles by James David (Off Site)

Photographs and images of the facsimiles. They have nothing to do with the Book of Abraham.

Book of Abraham Facsimile No. 2 Altered by James David (Off Site)

“Joseph Smith claimed that the Book of Abraham facsimile no. 2 was ‘A FACSIMILE FROM THE BOOK OF ABRAHAM’. This claim is still displayed above the facsimile to this day in the Pearl of Great Price. But can this be true? Is the facsimile really from the Book of Abraham? The Book of Abraham facsimile no. 2 has nothing to do with Abraham at all. Egyptologists have identified facsimile no. 2 as a hypocephalus.”

Copies of Papyri by James David (Off Site)

Photocopies of various Joseph Smith papyri.

Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar by James David (Off Site)

“What appears to be the Joseph Smith Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar has been published by the Modern Microfilm Company (Utah Lighthouse Ministry) in 1966. A copy of the document can still be obtained from them for approximately seven dollars. After looking over the document it is no surprise that Mormon scholars been making incredible rationalizations for its existence. Without going into to much detail I will present some evidence that you the reader can verify for yourself.”

Egyptologist’s Views by James David (Off Site)

What some Egyptologists have to say about Joseph Smith’s translation of the hypocephalus.

Egyptology and the Book of Abraham (1993) by David P. Wright (Off Site)

“The Book of Abraham does not derive from Abraham and is apparently not historical.” Moreover, “the book is not ancient but specifically the composition of Joseph Smith.”

Joseph Smith’s Connection to Egyptian Papri by James David (Off Site)

“Egypt has always held mysteries in its history, concealing the records of time bound in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Historians had to wait until M. Boussard, a French Officer of Engineers, would discover the famous Rosetta Stone in August of 1799 before deciphering many of the ancient Egyptian texts. Who would have known that this discovery, besides unlocking the mysteries of Egypt, would have helped to show Joseph Smith’s fraudulence.”

Joseph Smith Translates Egyptian Papyri by James David (Off Site)

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