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Curt van den Heuvel

Curt van den Heuvel

The Bible in the Book of Mormon (1999)

"The Book of Mormon was written by someone who either had a KJV Bible in front of him, or was intimately familiar with its contents. When we add to this phenomenon other Book of Mormon problems, such as the lack of any historical, archaeological or linguistic confirmation, the large number of anachronistic terms and items referenced in the book, and its mirroring of the issues and problems of the nineteenth century Protestant Church, and we come to the inescapable conclusion that the Book of Mormon originated in the early nineteenth century."

The Book of Mormon and the King James Version (1999)

"It is very evident that the Book of Mormon owes much to the King James Version. Since this particular version of the Bible was not translated until 1611, it means that the Book of Mormon cannot be an ancient work as Joseph Smith claimed."