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James A. Haught

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Adventures in the Bible Belt (1993)

Holy-rollers and holy hucksters.

And Now, the Solar Temple (1994)

Once again, supernaturalism produces mass deaths.

Battling Demons of the Mind (1997)

Carl Sagan's struggle against superstition.

The Beast in the Shadows Behind Religion (1993)

Waco was merely the latest faith disaster.

Breaking the Last Taboo (1996)

Famous people who doubted religion.

The Code of the Universe (1994)

Real scripture written in quarks, gravity, photons, galaxies.

Everyone's a Skeptic--About Other Religions (1998)

A whimsical look at universal disbelief.

Far-Out Religious Right Comes Out of a Crazy Mold (1995)

Crackpot militias: guns against "the Antichrist."

The God Biz (1980)

Crooked evangelists fleece their flocks.

The Great American Think-Off (1996)

Forces of the universe don't include magical spirits.

The Great West Virginia Holy War (1993)

A fundamentalist uprising against "godless" textbooks.

Holy Homicide (1991)

Religious killings are little noticed.

Holy Horrors (1990)

Religious slaughter through the centuries.

Humanism and Existentialism (1995)

Make life better, in spite of the craziness.

If Thine Enemy Offend Thee, Rub Him Out! (1996)

Religious atrocities in the daily news.

Licensed Astrologers (1995)

Planet positions don't dictate people's lives.

Long Shadows of Evening (1995)

As death nears, heaven fantasies are self-deception.

Lunacy on the Daily News Wires (1993)

Women stoned, Ulster bombed, as faith goes bonkers.

The Moralizers: Crooks, Quacks, Kooks, Creeps and Cruds in the Clergy (1993)

Criminals and psychos among ministers.

Morality: A Lesson in Values (1996)

Bigotry ruled the "moral" 1950s.

Murder in the Name of Religion (1990

Saints who exterminated doubters.

My name is Jean-Paul Sartre (1991)

The great existentialist's atheism.

Three little words: I don't know (1997)

It's honest to admit you lack ultimate answers.

True Believers and Utter Madness (1995)

Cultists plant nerve gas to kill subway passengers.

The Waco Tragedy (1994)

It stemmed from a famous doomsday fiasco.

Well, It's About Time (1996)

A backlash against fundamentalists in the GOP.

Yitzhak Rabin: Another Victim of Zealotry (1995)

Another fanatic thinks God said "Thou shalt kill."

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