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Brian Horn

Brian Horn graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Michigan many years ago, after which he enjoyed life with a wonderful family and played with computers to make a living. Retirement has given Brian time to try to figure out how to write, and his long-term interest in the religious thought process has provided the subject matter.

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Kiosk Article

The Word

Christian leaders teach that the Bible is inerrant and authoritative, often referring to it as "The Good Book." They encourage us to read it, but they evidently realize that most of us will only read the recommended passages, accompanied by a good dose of interpretation, and that only a few of us will ever read it from cover to cover, and then form our own opinions about what it actually says. If all of us were to sit down and read the Bible straight through--and then actually put into practice what it admonishes us to do--civilization would be dealt a devastating blow from which it might never recover. That may seem to be a surprising conclusion, but the author makes a convincing case for it simply by looking at what the Bible itself actually says.