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Denver Initiative: Left Wing Assault on Separation of Church and State in Name of “Peace”

Secularists may soon have to fight a two-front war against Bible-thumping Christians on the right and self-styled promoters of Eastern Religions on the left. Denver's "Peacefulness Ordinance," Initiative 101, would require the city to help ensure public safety by increasing "peacefulness" through the use of techniques typically associated with Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu religions.

The Danger of Hindutva to Secular India

The following article demonstrates how countries throughout the world can, and are being devastated, by religious conflict. The religious revivalism currently sweeping South Asia has ambitions of political and cultural reform, opening the door to all brands of extremism. Hindu supremacists have become a powerful force in India and pose a serious danger to all opposing worldviews. This weeks feature offers Secular Web readers an opportunity to learn more about this important subject.