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An interview with Jeffery Jay Lowder (1999)
T. J. Walker interviews Jeffrey Jay Lowder, president of the Internet Infidels from 1995 until the beginning of 2000. He discusses the God question, atheism, and the purpose of the Secular Web.
Atheism and God Belief (Real Audio)
An interview with Douglas E. Krueger (1999)
T. J. Walker interviews Doug Krueger, author of What Is Atheism? (Real Audio). Krueger discusses major themes from his book, such as atheism, belief on faith alone, and evidence for and against the existence of God.
An interview with Margaret Downey (1999)
T. J. Walker interviews Margaret Downey of the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia. Downey updates us on her seven-year battle against discrimination by the Boy Scouts of America.
An interview with Edward Tabash (1999)
T. J. Walker interviews civil rights attorney and Internet Infidels’ supporter Eddie Tabash about school vouchers, the separation of church and state, and the future of civil liberties for nonbelievers.
An interview with Keith Augustine (2005)
InfidelGuy (Reginald Finley) interviews Internet Infidels Executive Director Keith Augustine on the topic of death and immortality. Augustine discusses the case against life after death, the evaluation of alleged evidence for survival of bodily death (such as near-death experiences, “reincarnation memories,” and ghosts), if there is any health benefit to belief in life after death, whether human beings can come to terms with the inevitability of ceasing to exist forever, and whether those who disbelieve in life after death are more malicious than afterlife-believers.
An interview with Ed Buckner (2000)
T. J. Walker interviews Ed Buckner of the Atlanta Freethought Society about American politics, U.S. constitutional history, and his new co-authored book Quotations That Support the Separation of State and Church.
Creationism (Real Audio)
An interview with Molleen Matsumura (1999)
T. J. Walker interviews church-state activist and Outreach Director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) Molleen Matsumura. Matsumura talks about her experiences with the Creationist Right in public schools, the Discovery Institute’s attempt to dumb down science, and reports to us from the front lines of the creation-evolution battle.
InfidelGuy (Reginald Finley) interviews Internet Infidels cofounder and President Emeritus Jeffrey Jay Lowder, and Professor of Biblical Criticism and former Jesus Seminar Fellow Robert M. Price. Lowder and Price discuss their new and highly anticipated book, The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond The Grave.
The Historical Jesus (Real Audio)
An interview with Robert Price (1999)
T. J. Walker interviews Robert M. Price, author of Beyond Born Again and a member of the Jesus Seminar. Price discusses the historical Jesus and the recent cover story of Time magazine.
InfidelGuy (Reginald Finley) discusses the 10 Year Anniversary of the Secular Web with Internet Infidels cofounder Jeffrey Jay Lowder (Real Audio), Executive Director Keith Augustine, and Publicity Director Clark Adams. Topics discussed include the history, purpose, and current projects of Internet Infidels, the usefulness of religious debates, the online community fostered by the Internet Infidels Discussion Forum, and the future of the Secular Web. Questions and comments from callers are included.
An interview with James Still (2000)
T. J. Walker interviews Internet Infidels President James Still about who the Internet Infidels are, what we’re trying to accomplish, and our philosophy.
An interview with Richard Carrier - 2001
Jennifer Robin Carrier interviews Secular Web Editor-in-Chief Richard Carrier about the philosophy of Internet Infidels, the maintainers of the Secular Web. The Secular Web is the definitive resource for online atheists, humanists, agnostics and freethinkers. We’ve grown tremendously over the last five years as more and more people have come to see that metaphysical naturalism is a worldview that makes sense. In this interview, Richard Carrier describes in plain language what metaphysical naturalism is, our general philosophy, as well as our goals and vision for the nonbelieving community in the 21st century!
Morality and Evil (Real Audio)
An interview with Andrea Weisberger (1999)
T. J. Walker interviews Professor and author Andrea Weisberger talks about her new book Suffering Belief, an analysis of the problem of morality and natural evil in the world.
An interview with Wendy Kaminer (2000)
T. J. Walker interviews renowned social critic Wendy Kaminer. Kaminer demonstrates that she is a keen observer of the sort of pervasive pop-culture superstition that has overtaken many people in North America and elsewhere. She addresses everything from the saccharine-sweet Celestine Prophecy to the failure of critical thinking in the face of enormous irrationalism.
The Qur’an (MP3)
A Made You Think podcast - 2018
In this episode of the Made You Think podcast, Neil Soni and Nat Eliason discuss The Qur’an, the book purportedly revealed to the prophet Muhammad. The discussion concerns the roots of Islam, the different writing styles of the Qur’an, the interpretation of Arabic and its context at the time of Muhammad, strategies to build and spread a set of beliefs virally, changing views on sex, alcohol, and women, and the validity of concepts from 600 AD in today’s world.
Skepticism (Real Audio)
An interview with Michael Shermer (1999)
T. J. Walker interviews Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, director of the Skeptics Society, and host of the Skeptics Lecture Series at the California Institute of Technology.