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Wendy Kaminer

Wendy Kaminer

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Atheists Can Be Moral, Too (1997) (Off Site)

Kaminer refutes the assumption that religion is essential to virtue.

The Last Taboo: Why America Needs Atheism (1996) (Off Site)

This is the text of Kaminer's famous New Republic essay.

Touched in the Head by a TV Angel (1998) (Off Site)

Commentary on the CBS television series, "Touched by an Angel."

Unholy Alliance (1997) (Off Site)

Kaminer talks about the "unholy alliance" between "religious forays into social welfare" and the government.

Wendy Kaminer is a senior correspondent for The American Prospect and is a lawyer and an Affliated Scholar at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. She has frequently written for the Prospect on civil liberties, feminism, and religion in America. The Secular Web has archived several of her online essays.