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Nontheism Atheism Morality And Atheism

Morality and Atheism

This index links to 9 questions relevant to the relationship between morality and atheism:

  1. Are atheists as moral as theists?
  2. Can life have meaning without God?
  3. Does atheism entail a certain view on specific moral questions?
  4. How should atheists live?
  5. On naturalism, are we free and morally responsible for our actions?
  6. On naturalism, why do we have particular moral sentiments or dispositions?
  7. Why should atheists be moral?
  8. Without God, how do we determine what’s right and wrong?
  9. Without God, what grounds right and wrong?

See also:

Moral Argument for God’s Existence [ Index ]

This index includes arguments that attempt to establish the existence of God from some fact (or alleged fact) about morality, such as the metaethical argument for theism, the argument from conscience, or the “pragmatic moral argument” which argues that belief in God is motivationally necessary for moral behavior, and therefore there is pragmatic value in believing that God exists.

Divine Command Theory [ Index ]

This index includes arguments that moral actions conform to God’s will or that morality is a creation of God’s will, and the Euthyphro dilemma that arises from that view.

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