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Nontheism Atheism How Live

How Should Atheists Live?

Atheism and Humanistic Value Theory (1996) by Michael Martin

“Atheism and humanistic value theory . . . are distinct and separable positions. . . . [Humanists must] defend their humanistic values without support from either atheism or theism. Since humanistic values can be supported by both camps, both belief and nonbelief in God are irrelevant.”

Friendly Atheism? (1996) by Michael Martin

Friendly atheism as I have constructed it is a plausible view and atheists would be well advised to give it serious consideration.

What an Atheist Ought to Stand For (1999) by Richard C. Carrier

Carrier ennumerate the values that should be held by all atheists. If you want to know what at least one atheist’s value system is based on, and what sort of moral standard he holds his life to, you should read this essay.

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