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Debates Secularist Abortion Debators

Meet the Debators

The topic for this debate is: Is There a Secular Case Against Abortion?

Arguing For A Secular Case Against Abortion is Jennifer Roth

Jennifer Roth works as a system administrator for the Academic Outreach divisions of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She sits on the board of directors of the Seamless Garment Network, a coalition of organizations opposed to abortion, the death penalty, war, and other threats to human life.

Arguing Against A Secular Case Against Abortion is Richard Carrier

Richard is now pursuing a Ph.D. in ancient history at Columbia University in New York, having received his M.A. there in 1998, and just recently his M.Phil. He has studied skeptical thought and the paranormal in the ancient world, particularly the Roman Empire, majored in historiography, and intellectual and religious history, and minored in the decline of the Roman Empire. For his doctoral thesis he is studying the social history of ancient scientists. With his Ph.D he intends to teach at the university level, to write textbooks, and to continue advanced research in the life and thought of ancient Rome. In his spare time he runs the university library’s Electronic Text Service one or two days a week, and is Secular Web Feedback Editor Emeritus.

Now read Richard Carrier’s Opening Statement,

Abortion is not Immoral and Should not be Illegal