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Jennifer Roth

Is There A Secular Case Against Abortion? The Carrier-Roth Debate (2000) [ Index ]

Most arguments against abortion are based on religious belief. It is often assumed that pro-life advocates consider it immoral and campaign for its prohibition by law because of their commitment to religious doctrine. But is there a secular justification for the pro-life stance? Jennifer Roth argues yes. Richard Carrier argues no.

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A Secular Case Against Abortion

A Secular Case Against Abortion By Jennifer Roth Introduction First of all, I’d like to thank Richard Carrier for agreeing to this debate, and the Internet Infidels for sponsoring it. I hope to find that this format will allow us to go beyond the soundbites and emotionalism that characterize all too many discussions of abortion. […]

Debates Secularist Abortion

First Rebuttal Jennifer Roth In his opening statement, Mr. Carrier identified two sources of disagreement on moral issues: disputes over facts, and disputes over values. I agree with his assessment; however, some disputes do not lend themselves to easy categorization. Take, for example, the question of when a human individual comes into existence. The answer […]

The Secular Case Against Abortion

The Secular Case Against Abortion by Jennifer Roth It seems that I was premature in proclaiming that Mr. Carrier and I had reached agreement on a number of key issues. I had hoped to focus attention on the question of the definition of a person, since I believed (and still believe) that to be the […]