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Dave Matson Young Earth Specific Arguments

Specific Creationist Arguments

Dave E. Matson

  1. It only takes one proof of a young earth to decide the issue.
  2. The Sun is Shrinking!
  3. Cosmic Dust Accumulation on the Moon and Earth
  4. Comet Burnout
  5. Meteorites, Fossil Craters and Geologic Strata
  6. The Moon is Receding and it Could Only Have Been So Close
  7. U-236 and Th-230, Both Short-Lived Isotopes, Are Still Around
  8. Space Dust and the Poynting-Robertson Effect
  9. Expanding Star Clusters
  10. Saturn’s Rings are Unstable!
  11. Jupiter and Saturn Still Give Off Heat
  12. Is the Earth’s Magnetic Field Decaying Exponentially?
  13. The Volume of Lava and the Earth’s Age
  14. Mineral Influx Into the Oceans
  15. The Amount of Helium in the Earth’s Atmosphere
  16. The Continents Would Have Eroded Away!
  17. Topsoil Only Takes a Few Thousand Years to Form
  18. Niagara Falls is Less than 10,000 Years Old
  19. Oil and Gas Wells are Under Incredible Pressure
  20. The Mississippi River Delta
  21. The Earth’s Rotation is Slowing Down!
  22. The Ocean Basins Should Have a Thicker Layer of Sediment
  23. Stalactites, Stalagmites, and Flowstones
  24. The Sahara Desert
  25. How Long Did it Take to Salt the Oceans?
  26. Human Population Growth and a Young Earth
  27. Is the Oldest Coral Reef Only 4200 Years Old?
  28. The Oldest Tree is 4300 Years Old
  29. The Oldest Historical Records are Only 6000 Years Old
  30. The Dates in the Bible Add Up to 6000 Years
  31. Many Creation Stories are Set in the Recent Past
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