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Dave Matson Young Earth Specific Arguments Culture

Young-earth "proof" #30: Many ancient cultures have stories of an original creation in the recent past. This is because the earth really is young.

30. The ultimate origin of things, according to many creation legends, traces back into the mists of time to which no specific date can be affixed. The Australian aborigine, for example, speaks of a primeval dream-time. Some of the eastern religions, on the other hand, specify a creation date much older than 6000 years. Other cultures, I suspect, use or once used a more recent date. Thus, we have a spread of dates, to the extent that a date can be applied.

No people, of course, are going to have memories of the hundreds of thousands of years that Homo sapiens has been on this planet! A natural mistake for an ancient would have been the assumption that his tribe or city-state began its ascent shortly after the world began. Thus, most creation accounts, if they give a specific date, will likely favor a recent creation.

We have no proof for a young earth here!

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