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Joseph Wheless Is It Gods Word

Is It God’s Word?

By: Joseph Wheless

Chapter I – The Genesis Of Christianity

Chapter II – A Sketch Of Hebrew Scriptures

Chapter III – The Patriarchs And The Covenants of Yahweh

Chapter IV – The Wonders Of The Exodus

Chapter V – The Forty Years In The Wilderness

Chapter VI – The “Ten Commandments” And The “Law”

Chapter VII – The “Conquest” Of The Promised Land

Chapter VIII – The Hebrew Heathen Religion. Sex Worship and Idols

Chapter IX – The Pagan God–And Gods–Of Israel

Chapter X – Yahweh–The “Terrible God” Of Israel

Chapter XI – The Holy Priests And Prophets Of Yahweh

Chapter XII – Bible Theology And Modern Truth

Chapter XIII – The “Prophecies” Of Jesus Christ

Chapter XIV – The Inspired “Harmony Of The Gospels”

Chapter XV – More: “Harmony Of The Gospels”

Chapter XVI – The Sacred Doctrines Of Christianity

Chapter XVII – The Christian “Plan Of Salvation”

Chapter XVIII – Revelations Of The Hereafter

Chapter XIX – Cesset Superstitio! And Then?

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