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We Needed $100 from 100 People and Our Loyal Fans Came Through!

In less than two months, despite the recent tragedy, we’ve raised $10,104.60. We reached our goal on November 8th. This fund-raising campaign has ended. Our thanks go out to all that donated.

The tax year ends in only three months. The Son of George has put a
fat wad of cash in your hands. The forces of dogma and unreason lurch forward.
Freethought shines with a dim candle. Now is the time to give the Internet
Infidels a hand. You can thumb your nose at those who would break the wall
of seperation of church and state by spending the money they gave you on
a godless charity, and you can write it off: it’s tax deductible![1]
Hey, it may even be approved by the father of Jesus: scholars have found
evidence that the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem would have been a
tax dodge![2] So you will be in legendary company.

We have raised tens of thousands of dollars toward the purchase of a
new Content Management System that will vastly improve the look and
feel, and the utility, of our website. It will also allow us to get so
much more done, a blessing to our all-volunteer team. But we
are ten thousand dollars short of our goal. We need loyal fans and warriors
for freethought to step up and donate money to get us over that hump so
we can enter the 21st century and really make the Secular Web shine with
professionalism. All we need is one hundred people to give us one hundred
dollars each. Any amount will help, but we will be counting those $100
donations that come in after today to see how wide our support really is,
to see how many people do care about the preservation and improvement of
this library of secularism, which we bring to the world free of charge.
Please support our efforts!

What is a Content Management System you might ask? It is essentially
a program that does the work of a hundred people: it writes all the pages
for us, it maintains consistent style and appearance, it automatically
corrects broken links. Because it does all this automatically, we can get
more ambitious and creative with how we organize and present the website,
because such improvements will no longer be labor intensive. For example,
you can eventually expect to see an always-up-to-date, hyperlinked Table
of Contents of all the essays at our site. Coming soon will also be an
image map that will let you navigate our Modern Library with ease. And
wouldn’t it be nice if the essays on every subject page were organized
in a practical way that would make it easier to know which ones to read
first? How about new subject pages like Ethics? It will all be possible.
The program we are purchasing also provides the ability to maintain a back-up
server, which will greatly reduce if not eliminate occasions when the website
is unavailable due to a crash or other event. Rarely will you ever get
a “server not responding” error again. This software will put us up among
the big boys on the internet, like the Bank of New York, or Bertelsmann
Online. It is truly the wave of the future.

How to Help:

Use your credit or debit card and donate with PayPal!

Or send a check to “The Internet Infidels” in the mail:
Internet Infidels

P.O. Box 142

Colorado Springs, CO

80901-0142 USA.

[1] We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit educational charity. For more about the Internet Infidels and
the Secular Web, see About
[2] Mark Smith, “Of Jesus and Quirinius,” The Catholic
Biblical Quarterly
, 62:2; April, 2000; pp. 287-91; J. Duncan Derrett,
“Further Light on the Narratives of the Nativity,” Novum Testamentum
17.2, 1975, pp. 87-92.