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Some Atheist Poetry

“Student atheist’s limerick”

After class and the ring of the bell,
A Christian said, “You’re going to hell!”
To that condemning so vile,
I replied with a smile,
“Thanks, that idea sounds swell!”


When Darwin set sail to observe life on this Earth,
He returned with a theory that was given birth,
The theory was known as ‘evolution,’
An idea that gave views on life’s origin a revolution,
Now when I look at nature and see life’s presence,
The riddle of life now makes all sense,
Yet the religious bother to attack this theory,
Viewing the idea as false, ludicrous, and eerie,
I simply scoff and continue to awe at life’s diversity,
That a god could create this, I look upon with adversity

“A Happy Atheist”

How fortunate I am to be atheist indeed,
I don’t have to pray to any god with heed,
Nor do I follow a religion with irrationality,
Living secularly, I enjoy the world in true reality,
Without religion I am not morally corrupt,
My freethinking and logic do not disrupt,
My fellow infidels may agree with my psychology,
That the ultimate oppressor of freedom is

“Plea of a secularist”

In this modern day and age,
Still we discover fundamental rage,
The Christian violates the principle of separation of church and state,
It is he who keeps prayer in a public estate,
An event the founding fathers were not intending,
Yet on campuses the religious engage in their pretending,
Pretending that they are talking to a higher being,
Unfortunately it is a sight that I keep seeing,
Therefore it is up to us, whom the Bible call ‘fools,’
To preserve church/state separation and keep prayer out of schools,
Yes, the Christian has a right to pray,
But it is a right that, in his privacy, it must stay

“The Atheist on death”

Unlike views that many I know hold,
The idea that I have is one considered bold,
Which is the atheist view on death and dying,
And it is one that I find satisfying,
In death, we no longer exist,
A life of any kind does not persist,
An afterlife is something that I abhor,
An eternal life would ultimately be a bore,
Since an afterlife has no evidence support,
A belief in one is one that I abort,
Does it scare me? It does not,
A part of me will still exist after I rot,
For even until the universe’s final end,
My atoms will still be found around the bend

“The Debate”

An activity that I see both sides in course,
Is the atheist and the believer in discourse,
A fruitiful action, to both it pertains,
For in debate knowledge is what both obtains,
The atheist has knowledge of the theists religion,
The theist may better understand the atheist decision,
Althought sometimes in this engaged discussion,
Ad hominems will provide for both a mental concussion

“An Atheist point in life”

What is the point of this one and only life?
The idea is one that may cause some strife,
The theist may claim a point relevant to his belief,
But it is meaningless to the atheist who has disbelief,
The religious have claimed we lack life’s meaning,
Simply because in no religion are we believing,
Yet the atheist lives a life that is meaningful,
For of this life we shall live it to the full,
The religious live this life only for a next one,
The atheist knows that this plan has no fun,
In this one true life only will humanity strive,
Without the help of a fake god, we will thrive


At the dawn of early organized human society,
Ideas of how existence began were not in variety,
For early man developed a doctrine off his worldly vision,
And the name of his own creation was religion,
Only his religion was not a satisfying answer to life’s inquisition,
So man later utilized the powers of science and eliminated superstition,
Now in the modern age, man knows much of his existence,
But these modern discoveries have been given resistence,
By the religious who struggle to reapply their fundamental beliefs,
Yet science has proven itself crucial, to resolve the riddle of natural
existence with relief.