Coming Soon! The Official Internet Infidels T-Shirt!

The Secular Web is 6 years old’
“WAITAMINNIT!” you’re saying. “Six years ago the world wide web
was barely starting. Lots of people didn’t even have direct access to the
‘net, and even then many of them didn’t know HTML from a home run.”
True, but even then the Internet Infidels, those visionary pioneers
and overworked volunteers, had started their work of creating an online
library to serve freethinkers around the globe. I can say that part about
“visionary” because I hadn’t even been asked to be a supporter yet; I was
one of the tired, poor HTML-less masses.
Today, the dream has grown and it’s ongoing. The original Library
(still growing) has been augmented by original articles and papers published
exclusively by the secular web’ a news
, books and
book reviews
and ‘ well, click those links yourself and you’ll be surprised.
The Secular Web is still the creature of overworked volunteers, but there
are more of us, and we have the support of wonderful readers who help out
with encouraging email, their own contributions to the Agora,
and even donations.
Friends, the Secular Web is practically an’ no, I refuse to say “an
institution.” We’re much too lively for that. But definitely a FAMILY.
It’s time to celebrate six years of survival, and what could be a better
way than a symbol every member of the II family can be proud to wear. Yup!
You’ve got it, it’s the first
We’re so excited about this, we haven’t even printed the first shirt,
and we’re telling you anyway! We do have the design though, and it’s gorgeous
and in production right now. Check the Secular Web home page often, so you’ll know the minute the shirt is available, because there’s a a 10% discount for the early birds. For an even deeper, STARVING
STUDENTS discount of 20%, come to the Secular Students Alliance “Godless
” conference August 9-14, and say hello at the Internet Infidels
T-SHIRT DESIGN & CAPTION: Selected by the Board of the Internet Infidels from
a series of exclusive designs by Dave Feroe, creator of Hereticards
and graphic artist to the freethought community, the elegant design (which we will reveal soon) will
be printed on the BACK of quality black tees in 100% cotton, available
in various sizes. Stay tuned for more!