Priestly Pedophilia Debunks Religion Myth

The recent expose of Priestly pedophiles debunks yet another of
religion’s myths.
That myth being that religion discourages bad
people from doing evil things. As the argument goes, if it weren’t
for religion there would be no morality and everyone would be
pillaging and raping like wild animals (which does a disservice to
wild animals). But, religion and the fear of God reins in the badness
in people and compels them not to do bad things.

Well, one would think Priests and Bishops ought to be about as
religious and have about as much of a fear of God as anyone can be
expected to have.
Yet, it hasn’t seemed to dissuade a lot of them
from doing their dastardly evil deeds.

The Bishops and Cardinals who took place in the cover-ups and
reassignments may even be more of an example of no matter how deeply
immersed in religion and renowned one may be, it doesn’t necessarily
restrain them from grossly immoral behavior.
They cold bloodily put
concern for themselves and the church’s authority above the welfare of
children and young people that were being defiled and they didn’t even
have their own pedophilia sexual demons on which to blame it.