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I have been an Atheist for most of my life and have been a "strong" Atheist since my college days. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). I've worked as a hi-tech engineer in mathematical modeling, feedback control systems, computer simulation, programming, and system analysis all of my working career and am now retired in the state of Oregon, USA.

I've also created and maintain a web site containing a collection of writings about social, economic, and political issues at: randau home page.

The web site is a growing collection of ideas and thoughts that have plagued me for the better part of my life. As far back as I can remember, I found myself questioning many of the generally accepted institutions, traditions, and philosophies. I've become a chronic skeptic who feels compelled to challenge absurdities that continue to be perpetuated throughout society many of which are founded in religious teachings.

Some years ago (1991), in the early days of personal computers, but before realization of the World Wide Web, I wrote a short (less than 100 page) unpublished mini-novel which expressed many of my thoughts about the future. It's entitled From Terrorism To A Future World. It is a 'Social' Science Fiction, but not a fantasy. I have since then, incorporated it into the web site. And, I've added a number of other items which I intend to continue doing as long as I'm motivated by current and past events and by reader response.

Published on the Secular Web

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Growing Need For The Spread Of Secular Reason

The detriment and burdens to which religion has subjected society and the progress of civilization have long since exceeded an acceptable level of secular tolerance. And, now we have Fundamental Islamic Terrorism that threatens western civilization and wants to turn the world into a Theocratic Autocracy.