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How Church People Think

A recent column by Eugene Kane depicts how “church people think,” and
suggests that atheists suffer by comparison. (See Indire moments, many turn to God.) However, Mr. Kane perhaps sketched an
incomplete picture of the believer’s thought process; my brief, verse attempt
to set the shadows in greater relief follows.

Even as innocents hurled to earth in a crush of concrete, steel and fire,
believers hailed the survival of a steel crossbeam.

That’s how church people think.

Even as loved ones were left to die, believers praised a god whose justice
they would be infinite as they would his love supreme.

That’s how church people think.

Even as some praised Allah for his aid in killing the infidel, others thanked
God for the lives he saw fit to redeem.

That’s how church people think.

One might count it a blessing that not all people think the same way church
people do.

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