Thomas Paine

African Slavery in America (1775) (Off Site)

Age of Reason (1795) [ Index ]

One of America's Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine, critiques Christianity and the Bible as a Deist. When Paine wrote, the idea of examining the Bible as a text objectively, let alone critically, was unheard of. Paine finds many of the internal contradictions and atrocities of the Bible and lays them out with withering scorn. The Age of Reason is a freethought classic.

Editor's Introduction to "The Age of Reason"

The Age of Reason - Part 1

Paine demonstrates the absurdity of a word of God existing in print. As a Deist, Paine believed that the true word of God is nature.

The Age of Reason - Part 2

Paine demonstrates that neither the Old Testament nor the New Testament can be the Word of God.

Agrarian Justice (Off Site)

The American Crisis (1776 - 1783) [ Index ] (Off Site)

Answer to Bishop LLandaff

Publication of The Age of Reason generated a storm of controversy. One of Paine's critics was Bishop Llandaff, who published a detailed rebuttal to The Age of Reason. This is Paine's reply to that rebuttal.

Biblical Blasphemy (Off Site)

Dissertation on First Principles of Government (1795) (Off Site)

An Essay on Dream (1807)

Examination of the Prophecies (1807)

The Existence of God

Letter to Andrew Dean (1806)

Thomas Paine on death and Christianity.

Letters Concerning "The Age of Reason" (1797-1803)

Thomas Paine's correspondence concerning The Age of Reason. Includes correspondence with Samuel Adams

Of the Religion of Deism Compared with the Christian Religion (Off Site)

In this hard-hitting article, Paine argues that Deism is superior to Christianity.

Origin of Free-Masonry (1818)


Prospect Papers (1804)

Rights of Man (1792)

Worship and Church Bells (1797)

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