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Richard Brown

First in class at New Trier High School, Richard Brown earned the Harvard Classic Award and an appointment to Annapolis Naval Academy. After graduating Yale with a BA, Brown pursued a career in market research with BBDO Advertising, General Foods Corporation, and management consultants Booz Allen. He developed a penetrating literary style writing analytical reports recommending decisions and actions for top management. He is also author of Finite Human, Infinite Humanity: A History of the Universe and Theory of Everything (2021).

Published on the Secular Web

Kiosk Article

The History of God and Other Religious Myths

Today nobody would believe in the ancient Egyptian religion because it contradicts what we understand about the world around us: gods don't swallow the sun and birds can't bring anything back to life. These blatant misinterpretations of Nature discredit the validity of the pagans' core Super-Natural beliefs--a Supreme Being, a human soul, and heaven and hell. Yet curiously people today do believe in these four superstitions of religion: god, soul, heaven and hell. Apparently their origin has been erased by time. Would modern day Jews, Christians and Muslims discontinue belief in them if they realized their dubious origin: Ice-Age cavemen, wandering hunter-gatherers, and pagans? Or is faith an unreasonable emotion?

Social Realism

"Based solely on scientific principles and research, a book could be written counseling us humans about how to treat each other ethically. This book might contain a scientifically based purpose for humanity. Science-based principles of effective parenting could be taught in public schools so that all future parents would learn them."