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Merle Hertzler

Merle Hertzler is the creator of the website: Questioning: An Examination of Christian Belief. He describes himself, if you need labels, as an ex-Christian, a humanist and a freethinker. He is an ex-Christian because he began to question, thus opening the floodgates to new knowledge, knowledge which he found overwhelmingly on the side of disbelief in the basics of Christianity.

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Kiosk Article

Self-Esteem and Christian Belief

Christian psychologists and psychiatrists have taken Christianity by storm with a seemingly unending supply of therapy, seminars, and books offering a variety of cures for those that suffer from low self-esteem. These healers set out to heal that damaged sense of self-worth, yet they seem not to acknowledge that Christian doctrine, itself, is likely a contributing factor to the very problem which they set out to cure. In this article, Hertzler looks at what both humanism and Christianity have to offer in terms of self-esteem.