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Hiram Crespo

Hiram Crespo is the founder of Society of Friends of Epicurus and author of Tending the Epicurean Garden (Humanist Press, 2014) and Epicurus of Samos—His Philosophy and Life: All the Principal Classical Texts Compiled and Introduced by Hiram Crespo (Ukemi Audiobooks, 2020). Apart from his translations, he has been featured in The Humanist, Humanist Life, The New Humanism, occupy.com, The Partially Examined Life, Europa Laica, Ateistas, and the Seize the Moment podcast. He contributed an article on comedy as an ideological weapon to the online classics journal Eidolon, wrote the chapter on Epicureanism in How to Live a Good Life (Penguin Random House, 2020), and compiled The Friends of Epicurus Epitome: Epicurean Writings and Study Guide.

Hiram speaks four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Esperanto) and graduated with high honors from Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. You can follow him on Twitter at @hclasalle

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Kiosk Article

An Epicurean Approach to Secularizing Rites of Passage

Ritual is one of the most universally enjoyed human experiences, but it is often tangled up in supernatural claims that are insulting to our intelligence. Hiram Crespo, founder of the Society of Friends of Epicurus, discusses how the contractarian theory of Epicurean philosophy may be applied to the creation of rites of passage that retain their utility while being purged from superstition.

The Epicurean Revival

Hiram Crespo discusses "The Four Cures" which are at the heart of the doctrine of Epicurus of Samos. He invites you to study Epicurus, and to engage yourself and others in philosophical discourse. He promises that your life will be enriched as a result.