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Gerald A. Larue

[1916 - 2014]


Old Testament Life and Literature (1968) [ Index ]

There is a certain aspect of Humanism that inspires a Humanist to debunk the superstitious and simplistic assumptions of pseudoscience and organized religion. Perhaps through overemphasis, Humanism may project a negative image and be seen as a joyless put-down of everything that does not represent cold, hard rationalism or analytic science. Gerald Larue discusses the positive aspects of humanism.


Freethought: Preparing for the New Enlightenment (1997) (Off Site)

"I say we must rise above our petty differences; we must work together to bring in the new enlightenment which can lie ahead--and it can lie ahead with all the benefits and potentials for human growth. And as this century ends and the new millennium begins, and Jesus doesn't come back, the opportunity for freethought to reach out will be maximized. And therefore I challenge you to respond to this potential with a freethought coalition."

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Gerald Larue Otll

Old Testament Life and Literature Gerald A. Larue Table of Contents Preface A Word to the Reader Part One: The Bible and How We Study It 1. What is the Old Testament? The development of the Canon. Why do we read? 2. How Do We Read? The problem of history. History and legend. Myth, fable […]

Gerald Larue Otll Chap17

Old Testament Life and Literature (1968) Gerald A. Larue Chapter 17 – Amos and Hosea NORTHERN prophecy was revived by two prophets whose oracles are included in the biblical collection often referred to as “The Minor Prophets,” a reference to the length rather than the importance of their utterances. Amos was a Judaean who believed […]

Gerald Larue Otll Chap19

Old Testament Life and Literature (1968) Gerald A. Larue Chapter 19 – From Manasseh to the Deuteronomic Reform Read II Kings 21-35; II Chron. 33-36 WHEN Hezekiah died (687), his son Manasseh, still a young boy, was enthroned.1 The folly of adhering to a policy of antagonism toward Assyria was apparent, and Manasseh pledged loyalty […]

Old Testament Life and Literature

(1968) Gerald A. Larue Chapter 8 – Who Were the Hebrews? ACCORDING to biblical tradition, the Hebrews are peoples descended from Shem, one of Noah’s sons, through Eber, the eponymous ancestor, and Abraham. Gen. 7:22 f., reports that the flood destroyed all life except that in Noah’s ark; consequently, the whole human family descended from […]

Gerald Larue Otll Chap9

Old Testament Life and Literature (1968) Gerald A. Larue Chapter 9 – The Settlement of Canaan THE Hebrews entered a land with its own highly developed culture. During the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages, Canaan was dotted with strong, walled, industrial and trade centers surrounded by orchards, vineyards, grain fields and pasture land. Wool […]