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Gary Sloan

Gary Sloan is a retired English professor living in Ruston, Louisiana. He writes for freethought media, including Free Inquiry, Skeptic, The Freethinker (London), American Atheist, and Skeptical Inquirer.

Published on the Secular Web

Kiosk Article

Old Presidents and New Theocrats

In newspaper editorials and letters, new-fashioned theocrats try to subvert the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by adducing pious remarks of the first U. S. Presidents. The comments are supposed to demonstrate that the first presidents sanctioned sponsorship of religious interests. On the contrary, these presidents left considerable evidence that they favored a strict separation of church and state.

Bush Oblivious to Infidels

Had Bush not packaged his personal beliefs as inviolable truths in his address at the 51st annual National Prayer Breakfast, his sermonizing might be excusable. As it stands, however, his words make it apparent that he is oblivious to those who do not share his faith.