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Floyd Wells

Floyd Wells is a retired public school educator who has had a lifelong interest in theology and philosophy. At age twelve Wells decided to go into the ministry, but stumbled across a copy of Mark Twain’s Letters from the Earth at age sixteen, which caused him to lose his religious faith in one weekend. Wells currently identifies with classical deism, which he defines as "the belief that God is not dead, but he might as well be." Wells is the author of Teacher’s Handbook of Dirty Tricks, an underground parody on the teaching profession recently published in its second edition with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Published on the Secular Web

Kiosk Article

Floyd’s Judgment Day Brief

In this article, Floyd Wells provides a legal challenge to the indictment of mankind by the Abrahamic religions, which hold that we will all come back as zombies at the end of the world to stand trial for our misdeeds. Using logic and reason, as well as national and international law, Wells attacks the basic premise that mankind is guilty due to an infraction committed by the first generation of humans in the Garden of Eden. What results is a legal brief to be litigated on Judgment Day in the unlikely event that such a day should ever arrive, a showdown in which humans hold the moral high ground.