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David Workman

David Workman is a veteran of the Broadcast Electronics industry, with over twenty years' experience in engineering, marketing, and business development. He has been a guest speaker at the Seattle chapter of "The Ethical Culture Society" and other humanist organizations. His blog, which covers a wide array of topics, can be found at www.HalfBakedLunatic.com

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Kiosk Article

I’m a Believer!

"There is a pervasive and somewhat lopsided tendency in our society to separate fellow humans into the categories of being either 'believers' or 'nonbelievers.' The not-so-subtle implication is usually that there is something wrong with you if you are a 'nonbeliever.' Let's play a little game; I'll take the position that there really is something wrong with nonbelievers. But first, let's swap the traditional idea of who is a believer and who is a nonbeliever..."