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April 26, 2009

New in the Bookstore: Resurrection Reconsidered: Thomas and John in Controversy (1995) by Gregory J. Riley.

Resurrection Reconsidered an eye-opening exposition of the various views of resurrection among early Christians that centers on the protracted debate within early Christian circles concerning a foundational aspect of the Gospel of Thomas and its related literature: the concept of the body and resurrection. It traces the background of this idea in the Semitic and Greco-Roman world, and its expression in the Thomas literature as a whole: the Gospel of Thomas, the Book of Thomas, and the Acts of Thomas. But the inspiration for the study, and its main focus, is the controversy between the two closely related Christian communities of Thomas and John, between the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of John on the issue of resurrection, which is expressed in John most clearly in the story of Doubting Thomas.

New in the Kiosk: Easter Thoughts (2009) by Neil Lucock

"Easter is the main Christian festival and a central part of the Christian religion, so, feeling inquisitive after spotting a poster at the railway station I checked out a local church web site. They said that God sent his 'son' as a sacrifice to forgive us our sins so we could have eternal life. There are some problems with that statement..."

April 16, 2009

Posted the final assessment in the Carrier-O'Connell debate, On Paul's Theory of Resurrection.

After some delay due to a search for two replacement judges whom both debaters would agree upon, the average total assessment of the Carrier-O'Connell debate has been posted, as well as the individual assessments of the winner, margin of victory, and most salient aspects of the arguments offered by both debaters.


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