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November 29

Added "Review of Dean L. Overman A Case Against Accident and Self-Organization" (1999) [ 84K ] by Graham Oppy


Oppy reviews Dean L. Overman's case against naturalistic explanations for the origin of life.

November 28

Added a link from the Secular Web front page to S.O.S.: Save Our Science, Save Our Schools, our featured site.


In response to attacks on biology in Kansas, Kentucky, Colorado, Alabama, and many other states around the country, students in the Campus Freethought Alliance and Young Freethinkers Alliance are sending out an SOS distress signal from American public schools.

November 26

Added a feature article "The Society of Humanist Philosophers 1999 Conference" (1999) by James Still


"Jeffery Jay Lowder," I repeat, "L - O - W - D - E - R--no, 'L' as in Larry." The hotel receptionist furrows her brow, clicking furtively on the keyboard and staring at the computer screen. "I'm afraid there isn't a "Lowder" in the database," she says. Flustered, she searches a bit more, scrolling through every person whose last name began with "L" but to no avail. I shrug, gather my things and a few minutes later find my room. [The story continues . . .]

November 24

Added a feature column, "Must a Freethinker Be a Nontheist?" (1999) [ 9K ], by Jeffery Jay Lowder


Quoting Bertrand Russell, Lowder argues that theists can be freethinkers and that not all nontheists are freethinkers.

November 22

Added the July/August 1999 issue of The Skeptical Review


The Skeptical Review is published every other month by Farrell Till, an ex-minister with the Church of Christ. Anyone interested in the topic of Biblical inerrancy will want to read The Skeptical Review.

November 18

Added Murphy's Law: Mary Wollstonecraft by John Patrick Michael Murphy to the Freethought Section of the Modern Library.


She spent her short life fending for her gender, and children and animals. She was a freethinker who championed the supremacy of reason over any tradition or dogma that was unjust.

November 14

Updated our Call for Papers.


Interested in getting published on the Secular Web? Our call for papers describes various papers we would like to publish.

November 11

Added information about videotapes of the recent Lowder-Fernandes Debate on naturalism vs. theism to the products section of the Secular Web.


Order your copy today!

Added new feature "Humanism and the Ignorant" by William Edelen to the Features page.


How individual members of Christian fundamentalism define 'humanism' depends on where they are on a scale of 1 to 10 of brain malfunction.

November 7

Added Murphy's Law: Ambrose Bierce by John Patrick Michael Murphy to the Freethought Section of the Modern Library.


Ambrose Bierce chaffed at this world as long as he could, but after losing his wife to divorce and two sons to death, the asthmatic, superstitious, bilious atheist felt compelled to write his friends of his premonition of approaching death. Soon he would vanish with few clues. His thoughts, his humor, his wit, and his social criticism remain.

Be sure to read Murphy's other articles on famous Freethinkers:  Charles Darwin, James Madison, Thomas Alva Edison, Clarence Darrow, H.L. Mencken, Ethan Allen, Voltaire,Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Denis Diderot, Bertrand Russell, Giordano Bruno, and Robert G. Ingersoll.

Updated  Why I Don't Buy The Resurrection Story (1999) by Richard Carrier.

November 6

Added Tai Solarin: His Life, Ideas, and Accomplishments by Richard Carrier.


The most famous and controversial atheist and secular humanist in African history (if not the only one of any real renown) was the Nigerian nationalist Tai Solarin, who sadly passed away at the age of 72 in 1994. This is a story of his life, ideas, and accomplishments, which are a lesson to us all.

November 4

George P. Burdell updated the Hugh Ross apologetics page of the Christianity section.

November 3

"Review of "Beyond the Cosmos" (2nd Edition) by Hugh Ross" (1999) [ 21K ] by Michael Hurben


In his book, Beyond the Cosmos, Hugh Ross argues that science proves the existence of the God of the Bible. But does it? In his review of Beyond the Cosmos, Michael Hurben considers two questions. First, does Ross successfully present the relevant evidence so that laymen can understand it? Second, does extra-dimensionality solve theological dilemmas like the problems of divine foreknowledge and evil?

November 1

Added "Atheists Should Defend Ventura" by Steve Petersen


Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is balancing on a tight rope similar to the one negotiated by Thomas Paine and Bertrand Russell, both of whom were similarly vilified for their honest views on religion. Ventura has the ability to defend secular government in Minnesota and to make it acceptable for others to follow. If those of us with a vote do not like the rest of the baggage that comes with him, we can vote him out of office the next time around. But in the meantime, what an enlightening day it would be if we were all able to freely give our views on religion without fear. [Go to the full story.]

Added an exclusive interview withMolleen Matsumura on the Secular Web Radio Show.


Church-State Activist and Outreach Director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) Molleen Matsumura talks with T. J. Walker about her experiences with the Creationist Right in public schools, the Discovery Institute's attempt to dumb down science, and reports from the front lines of the creation-evolution battle.