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January 26, 1999

Added "Creation As a Pseudo-Explanation in Current Physical Cosmology" (1991) [ 57K ] by Adolf  Grünbaum

Creationist interpretations of contemporary physical cosmologies offer pseudo-explanations.

Added "Creation As a Pseudo-Problem in Current Physical Cosmology" (1991) [ 64K ] by Adolf Grünbaum

I conclude that neither the big bang cosmogony nor the steady-state cosmology validates the traditional cosmological argument for divine creation. But, as we see, that argument dies hard.

Added "Theological Misinterpretations of Current Physical Cosmology" (1998) [ 68K ] by Adolf Grünbaum

The Big Bang model of general relativity theory as well as the steady-state theory are each logically incompatible with the theological doctrine that divine creatio continuans is required in both of their worlds. Moreover, that doctrine is vitiated by major epistemological and conceptual difficulties.

Added Adolf Grünbaum author page

We are honored to host the official web site for Professor Adolf Grünbaum, University of Pittsburgh. Without a doubt Professor Grünbaum is the most influential scholar in the philosophy of science today.

January 24, 1999

Added Northern California Church of Freethought to the Local Organizations page

Added the Geivett-Draper Debate to the Events page

Agnostic philosopher Paul Draper will debate Christian philosopher Doug Geivett on the existence of God on April 27 at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Added the Craig-Price Debate to the Events page

Robert Price will debate William Lane Craig on the Resurrection on April 16 at Ohio State University.

January 15, 1999

Added December 1998 Feedback to the Feedback Section

Your letters telling us to burn in hell, keep up the good fight (and everything in between) along with our irreverent off-the-cuff replies!

January 14, 1999

Added "Addressing Those Colossal Misunderstandings: A Response to Doug Krueger" (1999) [ 40K ] by Paul Copan

Paul Copan responds to Doug Krueger's critique of Ravi Zacharias' book A Shattered Visage: The Real Face of Atheism. Copan argues that Krueger's own arguments regarding the book's purported philosophical and theological shortcomings lack convincingness.

Added Paul Copan author page

Paul Copan is a staff member of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He is pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy at Marquette University.

January 12, 1999

Updated the Events page: added the Barker-Horner Debate

Dan Barker is the Public Relations Director of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Michael Horner is a speaker with Campus Crusade for Christ of Canada.