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November 8, 2023

Added the seventy-ninth Freethinker Podcast YouTube seventh Interview with Robert M. Price on Old Testament Canon and Miracles (2023) to the Freethinker Podcast page under Resources on the Secular Web.

Check out Edouard Tahmizian’s roughly hour-and-fifteen-minute interview with legendary biblical scholar Robert M. Price about Price’s ongoing participation in Bishop Ray Taylor’s Wise as a Serpent! podcast and his forthcoming The Heresy of Paraphrase and Houses of the Holy: A Higher-Critical Survey of World Religions before the interlocutors turn to Price’s view on how much (or how little) we can know about what Old Testament books would have been considered part of the Old Testament canon to Jews living during the period in which Jesus would’ve lived, how the apocrypha were never intended to be understood as disavowed books, the non-Old-Testament origin of the exorcism tradition from contemporaneous faith healers and magicians, whether Jesus was asked to perform miracles (provide signs from God) on demand by nonbelievers to embarrass him in an instance of nonbelievers’ confirmation bias, whether there was really a hypothesized oral tradition connecting the time of Jesus to the much later time when the Gospels were written, and more! Tune in for an enlightening discussion of the bewildering relationship between sacred texts and the “history” that is supposed to ground them!

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