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January 12, 2020

Updated the Call for Papers page entries on Atheism and Theistic Arguments and added about two dozen books of interest for review.

Added books of interest surveying arguments for and against the existence of God, distinguishing science from pseudoscience, characterizing the relationship between science and religion, railing against “scientism,” defending evolutionary biology, arguing for and against miracles, evaluating design arguments, confronting the problem of animal pain and horrendous evils, contemplating the meaning of life, utilizing probability theory and inductive inference, rethinking the philosophy of religion, and outlining the historically destructive influence of Christianity on society. Also added an item concerning objections to J. L. Schellenberg’s argument from inculpable nonbelief and Schellenberg’s responses to them and reiterated the call for a response to Darek Barefoot’s argument against metaphysical naturalism based on intentionality, representation, and the ontological status of logical laws.

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