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What's New on the Secular Web?

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March 28, 2005

Donald Morgan has updated his Biblical Inconsistencies with the addition of:
1) an introductory explanation of his use of the term "inconsistencies,"
2) a link to The Bible's Teaching on Baptism: Contradictory or Complimentary? (2003) (Off Site) by Eric Lyons, a rebuttal to Morgan's alleged assertions regarding baptism, and
3) a link to Eric Lyons on Baptism: An Alleged Rebuttal Rebutted (2005), which is Morgan's response to Lyons.

Eric Lyons states that Morgan (and named others) assert that "the Bible contradicts itself regarding whether or not water baptism is essential for salvation" and "Jesus and Paul were confused regarding the purpose of baptism--was it necessary, or not?" Quite simply, Lyons is wrong where Morgan is concerned. Lyons' argument is a straw man.

March 24, 2005

Added Review of On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (2005) by Edward Tabash to the Resurrection index page in the Modern Library

In this review of a debate between atheist historian Richard Carrier and fundamentalist Christian historian Michael Licona on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Tabash summarizes the arguments offered by both sides and offers a critique of their arguments. He also points out areas where Carrier could have stressed significant points more emphatically than he in fact did.

March 20, 2005

Added "From Fine-Tuning to Theism: How Gaping Is the Chasm?" by Toby Wardman to the Agora section of the Kiosk.

"Advocates of intelligent cosmological design often rely heavily on the embattled fine-tuning argument to prop up their theistic beliefs. But, even if the argument were to come up trumps, there would still be a gaping chasm between so-called fine-tuning and a Christian God."

March 17, 2005

Added Review of G. A. Wells' Can We Trust the New Testament? (2005) by Robert Price to the Resurrection index page in the Modern Library

Wells presents evidence that the events described in the New Testament were written over time to support the agendas of the Christian church, questioning the authorship of the Book of Acts and casting doubt on the events it and the Gospels describe. In his review, Price notes that while "Wells's usual targets are conservative apologists who are trying to twist the results of criticism in order to preserve an essentially precritical estimate of Scripture, this time he is going after liberal and radical theologians who readily admit that the damage to traditional views has been devastating."

March 16, 2005

Added "Astrology and the Hindu Psyche" by R. K. Sudan to the Agora section of the Kiosk.

"Although belief in astrology seems to prevail universally, a major difference between the astrological practices of other religions and Hinduism is that astrology gained religious sanctification in Hinduism. Nowhere has reliance on astrology gone so deep as in Hindu society."

March 12, 2005

The Local Organizations Around the World, National Organizations Around the World, and Student Organizations Around the World pages were updated with new links to t'Zal Wel Gaan and the European Humanist Federation in Belgium, and an updated link for the First Coast Freethought Society in Florida.

March 3, 2005

Added a link to Introduction to Biblical Archaeology 5: The Rise of God (2005) (Off Site), by Joel Ng, to the Secular Web Reference Desk

This is the fifth in a series of articles on Biblical Criticism, Archaeology, & History in the Ebla Forum Library.

March 1, 2005

Current Feature: The Sad Case of Alister McGrath by Nevyn O'Kane

A scathing indictment of Oxford theology professor Alister McGrath's (mis)understanding of atheism.

Book-of-the-Month: Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe, (2005), by Erik J. Wielenberg, Ph.D.

Suppose there is no God. This supposition implies that human life is meaningless, that there are no moral obligations and hence people can do whatever they want, and that the notions of virtue and vice, right and wrong, and good and evil have no place in the universe. Erik J. Wielenberg believes this view to be utterly erroneous and, in this thought-provoking book he explains the reasons why.

Special Feature: Why I Don't Buy the Resurrection Story by Richard Carrier

As a historian with a good knowledge of Greek, Richard Carrier is finally qualified to make a professional judgement in the matter. Now the fifth edition of a project that began in 1998, this essay explains why he finds the [alleged] Resurrection to be an unconvincing argument for becoming a Christian.


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