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The Drange-McHugh Debate

Does the God of Evangelical Christianity Exist?

[The Drange-McHugh Debate was a written debate formally conducted in the Formal Debates & Discussions forum of the Internet Infidels Discussion Board (IIDB) from November 30, 2003 to May 15, 2004.]

About This Debate

Drange’s Opening Statement: The Argument from Nonbelief (ANB) as Evidence for the Nonexistence of the God of Evangelical Christianity

McHugh’s Opening Statement: The Greater Reasonableness of Christian Theism

Drange’s First Rebuttal

McHugh’s First Rebuttal

Drange’s Second Rebuttal

McHugh’s Second Rebuttal

Drange’s Third Rebuttal

McHugh’s Third Rebuttal

Drange’s Fourth Rebuttal

McHugh’s Fourth Rebuttal

Drange’s Closing Statement

McHugh’s Closing Statement

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