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Theism Hinduism


Induced Religious Conversions: An Affront To Hindus (2002) by Balgrim Ragoonanan

Ragoonanan explores some typical misunderstandings of Hinduism, provides useful information for both Christians and Hindus on the nature of Hinduism, and explains why Christian proselytizing is an affront to Hindus. [Editor’s note: This article is presented as an article of interest regarding Hinduism. It represents the viewpoint of its author, not that of the Secular Web. Although the author identifies specific aspects of Hinduism which are misunderstood by Christians, Christian critics could likewise point out that the author misunderstands specific aspects of Christianity and that the article goes beyond merely criticizing the misunderstanding of Hinduism by Christians to the point that it serves as an apologetic for Hinduism.]

Religious Attitudes toward the Disabled (2015) by Michael Moore

In this essay Michael Moore provides ample evidence that discrimination against the handicapped is often doctrinally justified in all five of the major world religions today. Moore cites not only direct scriptural support for discriminatory attitudes toward the disabled, but also actual instances of such discrimination by religious perpetrators and even apologists’ use of explicit arguments for holding handicapped persons in low regard. The specific example of religiously inspired discrimination against the disabled illustrates the more general point that believers can use scripture to rationalize virtually any human behavior.

Why I Am Not a Hindu (1993) by Ramendra Nath

Professor Ramendra’s bold manifesto in which he explains why he rejects the doctrine of the infallibility of the Vedas, varnashram dharma, moksha, karmavada,  and avatarvada. In place of idol worship and ancient taboo, Ramendra advocates a humanistic secularism based on liberty, equality, and the inalienable rights of each individual.

Answer to “Why I Am Not a Hindu” (2002) by A Hindu Woman

A critical analysis of Ramendra Nath’s “Why I am Not a Hindu” by a Hindu woman, who, although a nontheist as is Nath, nevertheless finds Nath’s understanding of Hinduism to be lacking credibility.

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