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Theism Cosmo Links

Cosmological Arguments: Related Links

Atheistic Cosmological Argument [Index]

From the II Modern Library.

Craig, William Lane [ Index ]

An index of articles confronting the arguments of the well-known Christian apologist.

Evolution and Chance FAQ (Off Site)

“Two matters that critics of evolutionary theory can be relied upon to misunderstand are the notions of chance or randomness in evolution. These essays address them.” From Talk.Origins, the Usenet newsgroup devoted to debate on biological and physical origins.

Origins.org: Theism (Off Site)

A collection of “scholarly and popular” resources advocating Divine Cause for the existence of the universe. This site is published by “Leadership U” and is part of the Telling the Truth Project, an Internet-based  strategy of the Christian Leadership Ministries designed to aggregate the “best of Christian scholarship” and “propel it to a global audience.”

The “Many-Worlds” FAQ (Off Site)

Many leading cosmologists and quantum field theorists accept the “many-worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics stating that “all possible outcomes of a quantum interaction are realised.”

Stenger Page (Off Site)

Home page of Victor J. Stenger, Professor of Physics, U. Hawaii at Manoa. Excellent source of information on quantum phenomena, as well as articles, essays and reviews on cosmology, the uncaused origin of the universe, and more.

Virtual Office of William Lane Craig (Off Site)

His official site, brought to you by the Christian Leadership Ministries and “Leadership University” (see above).