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The Westar Institute (Off Site) (Off Site) by Robert J. Miller

Robert J. Miller assesses this 1995 criticism of the Jesus Seminar & the author’s claims that Jesus was an apocalyptic preacher & embodiment of divine wisdom [Journal of Higher Criticism 4.1 (Spring 97) 120-137].

The Gospel According to the Jesus Seminar (Off Site) by Robert J. Miller

Robert J. Miller reviews scholarly critiques of the Seminar with particular attention to the issues of consensus, voting, apocalyptic, the gospel of Thomas and the Jewishness of Jesus. Paper delivered to Historical Jesus section of Society of Biblical Literature (11/96).

The Rest of the Story (1999) by Jeffery Jay Lowder

I review Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ. I conclude that “Strobel did not interview any critics of Evangelical apologetics. He sometimes refutes at great length objections not made by the critics (e.g., the claim that Jesus was mentally insane); more often, he doesn’t address objections the critics do make (e.g., the unreliability of human memory, that non-Christian historians do not provide any independent confirmation for the deity of Jesus, etc.) Perhaps this will be a welcome feature to people who already believe Christianity but have no idea why they believe it. For those of us who are primarily interested in the truth, however, we want to hear both sides of the story.”

Review of Michael J. Wilkins and J.P. Moreland (eds.), Jesus Under Fire (1996) (Off Site) by Roy W. Hoover

Roy Hoover, one of the fellows of the Jesus Seminar, reviews the broadside attack on the Jesus Seminar entitled, Jesus Under Fire. Hoover focuses his review on the chapter by Darrell Bock entitled, “The Words of Jesus in the Gospels,” since “it most directly responds to the report of the Seminar in The Five Gospels.”

The Search for a No-Frills Jesus (1996) (Off Site) by Charlotte Allen

Allen discusses the work of Jesus Seminar scholars Burton L. Mack and James M. Robinson.

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